WomanInGroceryStoreWithPinkShirt660Live Long, Healthy, Happy In Four Easy Steps…

1. Eat organic, plant-based & low fat/sodium/sugar 

2. Take nature walks; do yoga/stretching/massage

3. Enjoy meditation, chanting, poetry, music, etc.

4. Do daily body rubs & see a chiropractor regularly


arame, daikon, carrot salad 2

What To Prepare…

  • Brown rice 1000 ways!
  • Soup, steamed/boiled greens
  • Pressed/blanched salads
  • Tofu, tempeh, seitan, miso
  • Umeboshi, daikon, shiitake, nori
  • Chew well to feel GREAT!

Create balance and strengthen your health with better eating, a more natural lifestyle, and compassion. Cravings and symptoms will gradually diminish. Try it!!


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My Four Favorite Self-Help Books! Available from Amazon starting at just $4

  • A New Earth, by Ekhart Tolle
  • The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell
  • The World Peace Diet, by Will Tuttle
  • Marriage Fitness, by Mort Fertel









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