Look and Feel Better, and Support Peace and Healing On Earth

  • Start with a balanced, organic, plant-based diet
  • Do daily body rubs and get plenty of sleep
  • Walk daily, and bike, swim, do yoga etc. weekly
  • Use holistic healing and get support for emotional issues


 Enjoy Real Food

  • Limit salt, sugar & chemicals
  • Cook your own fresh meals
  • Beef, pork, chicken, eggs and cheese are deadly 
  • Learn about superfoods such as daikon, umeboshi plums, shiitake mushrooms and kuzu
  • Eat less, chew more, and go to bed empty

MacrobioticricehousecomFeel Great and Love Your Meals!

  • Brown rice daily— limit bread and pasta
  • Soup, cooked veg and salad rock
  • Tofu, tempeh, miso, sesame, healthy oils
  • Sea vegetables are fantastic for you!

Improve energy, reduce cravings and symptoms and improve your results!

Interesting Facts:

  • Excess animal protein and stress are the most common causes of disease
  • Sweeteners, fruit, juices, milk & ice cream depress immunity and cause colds & flu
  • Immunizations, flouride in water, pesticides & medications do more harm than good
  • Running can cause a heart attack in the average person over 40. Try yoga or tai chi

 Carrot Juice Recipe:

6 carrots, 2 green apple cores, 1/2 beet, bit of ginger. Drink at 3pm to raise blood sugar and improve mood. More recipes inside!

4FaveBooksMy Favorite Books!

  • A New Earth, Ekhart Tolle
  • The China Study, T. Colin Campbell
  • The World Peace Diet, Will Tuttle
  • Marriage Fitness, Mort Fertel



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