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You will never get healthy through testing and medication. You need to change your diet and lifestyle, and reduce your stress, so you can heal naturally. You can eliminate the symptoms you have, whether they be high cholesterol, arthritis pain, poor elimination, or most any other condition. Don’t wait for your health insurance to disappear, act now!!

I have studied natural healing for 30 years, and have coached 100+ people, with many success stories.  If you would like to learn more, call me today at 508.333.4153.

Baby Steps:

  1. Realize that only you can heal you
  2. Hire me or another competent coach/teacher
  3. Learn to cook, and invest in your home kitchen
  4. Life a healthier lifestyle and save the planet
  5. Avoid doctors, drugs etc. and save money
  6. Live your dream!

Eat This:

  • Whole boiled grain (rice, millet, oats, barley, quinoa, etc.)
  • Organic land/sea vegetables plus daikon umeboshi plums, mushrooms, sesame, etc.
  • Dine out Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese or Vegetarian (growing fast!!), and skip dessert
  • Drink spring water between meals, and avoid coffee, alcohol, soda & juice

Eating Habits Matter:

  • Eat less, chew more, sit down for meals, avoid media or arguments
  • Don’t eat three hours before bedtime
  • Avoid restaurant meals except for special occasions
  • Fast once per week if it helps
  • Be grateful for your food

Heal With Food: 

If you have a cold/flu, try Miso Soup:

Use the web/this site/Whole Foods/courses/books to find powerful remedies for bee stings, appendicitis, strep throat, even ADD. Only you can control your health!

4FaveBooksRecommended Reading…

  • A New Earth, Ekhart Tolle
  • China Study, T. Colin Campbell
  • The World Peace Diet, Will Tuttle
  • Marriage Fitness, Mort Fertel

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