make-a-vegan-curryA proper combination of balanced, organic plant-based meals, proper lifestyle, stress relief and holistic healing can reverse health problems in one to six months.  

I have studied natural healing for 30 years, and have coached 100+ people, with many success stories.  If you would like to learn more, call me today at 508.333.4153.


Baby Steps:

  1. Realize that only you can heal you
  2. Commit to change & find a coach
  3. Improve your diet; earn to cook for health
  4. Life a healthier lifestyle for you/family/planet
  5. Avoid doctors, drugs etc. and save money
  6. Live your dream!

Eat This:

  • Whole boiled grains vs. bread and pasta and GMO corn
  • Organic land/sea vegetables plus daikon umeboshi plums, mushrooms, sesame, etc.
  • When go out, try Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese or Vegetarian, and skip dessert
  • Drink spring water before and after eating, and avoid coffee, alcohol, soda & juice

Eating Habits Matter:

  • Eat less, chew more, sit down for meals, avoid media or arguments
  • Don’t eat three hours before bedtime
  • Avoid restaurant meals except for special occasions
  • Fast once per week if it helps
  • Be grateful for your food

Heal With Food: 

If you have a cold/flu, try Miso Soup:

Use the web/this site/Whole Foods/courses/books to find powerful remedies for bee stings, appendicitis, strep throat, even ADD. Only you can control your health!

4FaveBooksRecommended Reading…

  • A New Earth, Ekhart Tolle
  • China Study, T. Colin Campbell
  • The World Peace Diet, Will Tuttle
  • Marriage Fitness, Mort Fertel

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