make-a-vegan-curryWhen we eat balanced, home-cooked, local organic plant-based meals, we heal.

What is balanced eating? 

Meals as nature intended, as our body requires, for our current condition, and our daily activities.

Start Here:


  • Write down your health goals
  • Commit to small changes and find a coach
  • Read labels, limit salt, sugar, chemicals, animal foods
  • Go organic for animal foods, greens, fruits etc.
  • Try boiled brown rice, steamed broccoli and miso soup
  • Try my Sweet Vegetable Drink FREE

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Eating Habits Matter—Eat less, chew more, eat sitting down, don’t work or worry or argue or watch the news while you eat, and try not to eat three hours before bed. If you get up to pee several times, avoid coffee/tea/soda/alcohol/fruit juice after 6pm. Try kukicha twig tea, carrot juice, hot apple juice, and David’s Organic Sweet Vegetable Drink.

Instead of eating out almost daily or more, make it 1-2 times per week if you can. Maybe Sunday you prepare a few meals for the week.

Super Foods Are Super Good For You—Daikon, umeboshi plums, shiitake mushrooms, kuzu etc. Sea vegetables are fantastic for you!

Brown rice and other boiled grains are so much healthier than bread and pasta, so have them more often. Enjoy Tofu, tempeh, sesame, chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms, ume plums, etc.

If you have a cold or flu, or want to heal just about anything, try Miso Soup:

If you need ideas, see the Internet (this site too!), go to Whole Foods, take a Adult Ed course, or buy a book.

4FaveBooksRecommended Reading…

  • A New Earth, Ekhart Tolle
  • China Study, T. Colin Campbell
  • The World Peace Diet, Will Tuttle
  • Marriage Fitness, Mort Fertel



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