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  1. Dear Mr. Kagan,
    I saw that you are offering a class at Keefe Tech and it got me to thinking. I am the mother of 7 year old twins, and healthy eating has always been something I and my group of mothers of twins and multiples talk about all the time. Many of us have tried to go organic but find it has many challenges and are just not able to keep it up. I am a member of a non-profit organization called the West Suburban Chapter Mass Mothers of Twins Association and I am also the Fundraising Chair and I am looking for a way to educated parents on healthy meals they can serve their families while raising needed funds to provide the many free events we host throughout the school year. We recently had an adult set of twins in to talk about the importance of healthy eating and exercise, but I desire to take it up a notch (or two) and thought it would be fun to see a chef prepare simple dishes that are nutricious and tasty that even children would eat. Feeding twins can be a joyful task, but often it is a challenge to keep coming up with new foods that will give the children the proper nutrients and be tasty. We have close to 500 members from all walks of life and without them I am not sure how I would have made it when my daughter developed RSV and later both contracted Helicobacter pylori. My daughter was born weighing 4.1 oz. and struggled with eating and it was devastating to watch her turn down all the wonderful foods she had loved and lose weight. Many of the parents in my group have children with some sort of eating issue, and picky eating is always a common thread discussed. I would love an opportunity to speak with you about how we can work together to present a workshop, possibly at Keefe Tech, and I will also be contacting them about planning something there. Thank you for your time and interest and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
    Angela-WSCMMOTA Fundraising Chair

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