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Do you need acupuncture or ear candling? If so, please consider seeing Betty Woo at D’Arcy Wellness Clinic in Natick, MA. She is very talented, caring and generous, and has helped me considerably. The other people at D’Arcy are also very good, from Geoff to Po to Kim to Annie. I’ve not experienced the others, but know they have very high standards there. Learn more

Are you seeing a chiropractor? If not, consider whether you are extremely healthy and extremely happy. For me that means, I have no symptoms, and taking no medications, and I am fully engaged in my life’s goal, and have lots of meaningful and successful relationships.

Network chiropractic is head and shoulders above the rest, depending on the doctor. My chiropractor, Jennifer Lees, of Sudbury, MA, is a leader in network chiropractic, and trained in many other techniques as well. She has a thriving practice, a wonderful massage therapist and fabulous assistant, and a very comfortable office. She is also extremely generous and compassionate. Check her out

Interested in a Therapeutic Massage?

Maya Gutman
Arcade Building (318 Harvard St. Suite 37), Brookline (Coolidge Corner)
Phone: 617 821 1354
Maya is a wonderful Russian practitioner who has been doing massage in Brookline for 12 yrs.
She does 1/2 or 1 hour traditional Swedish massage but also does hot stone massage.  She has a very nice touch and will do whatever strength you like.  What attracted me also are her prices which are VERY reasonable.  She is doing some discounting for first visits….charging $65 for initial visit (usually $80).  If you continue with her she will reduce that fee. I brought my own organic massage oil but she said she has some nice oils as well. I found it completely relaxing and was totally satisfied. (Betsy Bernazzani)

Acupuncture is great for pain relief and more…

Jeffrey Wernick, Lic. Ac., LICSW. Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist.  He has been practicing macrobiotics since 1975 and acupuncture since 1984.   Fees are reasonable and Health Insurance, Worker’s Comp and PIP are accepted. Services offered:  Acupuncture Therapy; Herbal Medicine and Remedies. Acupuncture Center Of Canton, 197 Turnpike St. (RTE 138), Canton, MA 02021Phone:    781-828-6636; Website:

Ever heard of the Alexander Technique?

Cecile Raynor, Alexander technique teacher in Brookline. website: phone numbers are 617 325
Like the self empowerment of a macrobiotic education, Cecile’s training is potentially life altering and addresses the source of our structural imbalances through the mind/body connection.  (Will Klenk)

If you know a great healer in Greater Boston, please share!!



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