Looking for a great source for healthy imported foods such as miso, tempeh, mushrooms, beans, rice, shoyu, tempeh, oils, tea, seeds, nuts, etc.?

Check out Natural Import Company, based in North Carolina. They have a wonderful stock of Mitoku, Ohsawa, and many other great brands, plus great service and low prices. Order online here.

Are you sleeping on an organic mattress?
If not, consider whether such an investment, where you spend one third of your life, could make a difference for your health, and be aligned with your values for a better earth and healthier home.

The Organic Mattress, of Sudbury, MA, is a leading supplier of organic sleep products. Owners Diane and John have an amazing selection of beds, for adults, children, babies, and pets, and they offer a full range of extras, all delivered on-time to your home or office. Check them out

Hank Reisin (Cambridge)  He’s also an architect and landscape designer. He has been studying and practicing feng shui for over 20 years, integrates his knowledge from several approaches, including black hat, compass school, and flying stars.very pleasant and warm.  His recommendations gave me lots of choices, encouraging my involvement in determining “cures.” Very reasonable with fee, and was liberal with taking time for follow-up questions I had when I called him several days later. (Rick Frank)

Rachel Greenberg 617-287-7432,
She’s great,has lots of creative ideas.She’s assertive but responds well if you don’t want to follow a recommendation.  (Herb Pearce)

Stacy Randel (617-257-6451)
She really tries to understand what you are trying to achieve in your life, and how feng shui can help you move in a direction you would like to go.Rather than just coming in and saying “put a mirror here” or “place a plant there.” She brings a warm,personalized approach that is still results-oriented.Her rates are reasonable which makes it more affordable to work with her on an ongoing basis if one wishes.In the past I had paid a lot for a feng shui consult then tried to do the recommendations on my own but could not afford to have the consultant come back for followup.Stacy brings a good understanding of 9 Ki and is macrobiotic.(Leslie Frodema)

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