What Annoys Me The Most

Sometimes we Americans are so galling.

Top 10 Annoyances With Americans

  1. Labeling diseases as “incurable” instead of making doctors learn about healing
  2. The idea that an economy must grow or it will die
  3. The notion that we know better than nature how to grow crops or solve problems
  4. Why celebrate birthdays of entertainers when teachers and nurses and social workers deserve it more?
  5. How come nobody talks about fixing the food system and stopping chemicals that endanger us?
  6. Our current tax system is ludicrous. When do we simplify it and hold wealthy Americans accountable?
  7. Why are we so greedy and materialistic? Do we know you can’t take it with you?
  8. I don’t understand why saying “fuck” in a song is so bad, but killing someone in a movie is okay
  9. Why is everyone eating so much sugar and taking so many drugs these days? Stressed much?
  10. Why to we back losers, like the post office, GM, Banks and our education system? Let change happen!



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David L. Kagan has 25 years experience in plant-based nutrition, alternative health, fitness, and self help. He has successfully counseled family, friends and clients on preventing and reversing illness, and creating a better life, for more than a decade. Mr. Kagan is a health blogger, and publisher who helps individuals and families with diet and lifestyle change for better health and results. Contact him at 508.333.4153 or dayogaman@gmail.com
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One Response to What Annoys Me The Most

  1. It is called reality! Get on board as the train can not be stopped.

    ALso, Just what are we holding these wealthy Americans accountable for? Being Successful? Taking risks? Being smarter and more successful than you? Stop whining!!! Sour Grapes is what it is called. Don’t be “annoyed”. Join the system and stop worrying about the rest of humanity. Worry about yourself! The world is self-destructing.

    EVery man for himself as the world goes down the drain. Find a good boat and enjoy the wild ride.

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