Winter Preparations

October is a very active month, and not just because of Walmart selling Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.

The energy of the kids is very active–they are getting into school, whether it be math problems or studying ancient greece, and most of them are still scurrying about in tee shirts, enjoying the last licks of Summer.

After yesterday of course, we are now getting ready for Winter. The Patriots have their heaters and gloves, but what do we know about preparing for Winter?

One might think we should listen to 7 News, and prepare for Swine Flu shots and making sure we shred our garbage so nobody steals our identity. But I’m really talking about our intuition, and seasonal changes related to eating, our home environments, bodycare and fitness. Changes we can grow with.

I’m preparing my house, which means fixing some drafty spots, cleaning out the garage, and bringing plants indoors. I’m also clearing out some junk, and I’ve got the ping pong table in good shape and free of storage, so we can have many hours of indoor winter fun. Finally, I’ve started thinking about my Feng Shui at home, so I can have a better mood, and improved finances, along with more harmonious relationships.

That stuff really works. You know what changes you need to make. And if you don’t, try turning off the television, doing a mini-fast of brown rice (chew 100 times), and then meditate on what your body needs to be nurtured during winter. Then get busy making it happen.

Good luck!


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David L. Kagan has 25 years experience in plant-based nutrition, alternative health, fitness, and self help. He has successfully counseled family, friends and clients on preventing and reversing illness, and creating a better life, for more than a decade. Mr. Kagan is a health blogger, and publisher who helps individuals and families with diet and lifestyle change for better health and results. Contact him at 508.333.4153 or
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