Why Hot Sake Is Good For You

If you don’t drink and it’s working for you, great, don’t start now.

But, most Americans drink wine, beer or spirits each week, and there have been arguments that it can be healthy.

My view, is that we need to reduce our stress to be healthier. Alcohol can do this, when consumed in moderation. Unfortunately, wine and spirits are often too strong for us, are toxic to the liver and induce cravings. Beer is good, but drinking more than one strains your kidneys in addition to your liver.

Also, please keep in mind that there is a shortage of grain worldwide, and making and consuming large amounts of alcohol is unsustainable.

Please try the following…

Next time you are having a meal with animal protein, serve hot sake right after the meal

Or, when you get home from work and feel like snacking on something crunchy, heat up a small glass of sake.

See what it does to your mood.

The flavor will grow on you. Here’s my favorite brand…sold in many liquor stores.



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2 Responses to Why Hot Sake Is Good For You

  1. zisa henderson says:

    Hi! So why do you feel sake is better for you than the other spirits?

    • admin says:

      Sake is less processed, has fewer additives, a lower alcohol content, and is made from brown rice. When consumed hot, it is also less yin, which means it does not throw off the balance of the body, or cause cravings for extreme foods. Also, sake producers are generally smaller companies who promote family values and peace, versus large distilleries.

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